Mobile & Global Bespoke Service (Home & Office Visits)

At Indivisual, we provide a unique tailoring experience which is slick and sophisticated. We offer every client a safe environment to express themselves, (“their inner fashion”) we will of course be on hand to guide you through the design process.

With a client base across the globe in London, Paris, Canada, Italy, Nigeria, USA and the Middle East to mention a few, Indivisual by Keye continues to provide an unprecedented level of service whilst maintaining excellent craftsmanship.Our pieces include high quality bespoke suits, shirts, blazers, jackets (including winter and leather), coats and other formal wear.

All Our pieces are tailored to perfection and delivered to you at your convenience.Our mobile service means we can come to your office or home in and around London or where required world travel is also a possibility make. We pride ourselves in the great personal service we provide our clients.

It all starts with an initial consultation session which will cover your vision for the piece including fabric, lining, stitching and any other finer details you wish to consider. Together we capture and document what the final piece will look like. Any questions
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Our pieces are of a high standard of tailoring, specific to your vision and we deliver an exclusive, personal and trustworthy service. Once details are agreed upon, your piece will be ready within 17-25 working days. We will contact you to arrange a fitting and for you to inspect your pieces, from there we can modify your piece if required and ensure you are absolutely satisfied. This is a streamlined, time-conscious service that does not cut back on quality.


We begin with an initial consultation, where you will sit down with a member of our team with whom you discuss your expectations for your piece, as well as the style, fabric, lining and other finer details.
Once your garment style(s) have been chosen, you can select from hundreds of fabrics available. Following this, we measure you and discuss cut to ensure a superb fit, whatever your preferences.

Image consulting:

We work with our clients to achieve the image/persona they aspire to.The end goal is that each finished piece conveys your personal brand.
• Personal grooming & wardrobe shake up
• Lifestyle and self-projection
• Grooms and wedding training
• Corporate workwear and branding
And a lot more, we have different packages and can cater for contact us for a 1-2-1 session


By promoting the brand through social media and customer referrals rather than large advertising campaigns or shop front, we focus our resources on providing our clients with excellent quality products and an excellent service to match; all at very competitive prices , Our philosophy is simple: To produce unmatched products, impeccable service and to push the boundaries of modern fashion through our designs and cut.

The brand started off as “Individual Collection” in 2010 but through the journey of finding its true identity changed its name toIndivisual Fashion in 2012 and finally “INDIVISUAL by Keye” in 2015. The brand has quickly established a stylish and innovative luxury brand within the menswear industry and continues to set a standard for contemporary fashion.



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